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BISAC Subject JNF051120

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Technology / How Things Work-Are Made

Cover: Airplanes


Learn the basics about many different types of zooming, zipping airplanes--from cargo planes to passenger jets. More →

Cover: Before the Store

Before the Store

Kids are used to seeing stores stocked with foods, toys, household items, and more. But most kids know very little about where those products come from or how they are made. Our… More →

Cover: Bicycles Before the Store

Bicycles Before the Store

Explains how bicycles are made from different materials; discusses how bicycles are assembled in a factory; and how bicycles become available to consumers. More →

Cover: Big Machines at Work

Big Machines at Work

The huge wheels, powerful engines, and loud noises of working machines seem to entrance children for hours. Now young students can pore over color photos as they learn about their favorite… More →

Cover: Blue Jeans Before the Store

Blue Jeans Before the Store

Explains how cotton is grown and harvested to make fabric; discusses how blue jeans fabric is made at a mill and how the fabric is sewn together to make jeans at a factory; and how blue jeans… More →

Cover: Bread Before the Store

Bread Before the Store

Explains how wheat is farmed and processed into flour; discusses how ingredients are mixed and dough is baked into bread at a factory; and how bread becomes available to consumers. More →

Cover: Bulldozers


What are bulldozers used for? How do they move? Learn the basics about these powerful machines inside. More →

Cover: Cherry Pickers

Cherry Pickers

How do cherry pickers work? Where are the controls? Why don't they fall over? Learn all about these cool machines in this fascinating book. More →

Cover: Concrete Mixers

Concrete Mixers

Learn about how these cool spinning, swooshing machines carry concrete from job to job. More →

Cover: Cranes


From hoisting construction materials to swinging wrecking balls, cranes are very important. Get the basics on these cool machines in this interesting book. More →


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