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A Review of "How America Works" in School Library Connection

Cover: The Bill of Rights

This social studies series for juveniles gives insight into the foundations of the U.S. and the workings of our government. Each book has the same format, featuring four chapters, vocabulary words highlighted in the text, and a ‘To Learn More’ page at the end of the book. Each of the three branches of government is explored in depth, and important documents are examined. The large font, wide line spacing, and generous margins contribute to the visual appeal. The historical photographs, illustrations, sidebars, and infographics will also appeal to students. This series would be a great addition to a library or classroom or as textbooks for a remedial reader group in junior to senior high school levels. Additional Resources. Glossary. Index. Table of Contents. Websites

—Sharon Harruff

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
How Elections Work Recent 4.6
How the Executive Branch Works Recent 4.8
How the Government Works Recent 4.6
How the Judicial Branch Works Recent 4.5
How the Legislative Branch Works Recent 4.7
The Bill of Rights Recent 4.7
The Declaration of Independence Recent 4.6
The U.S. Constitution Recent 4.7
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