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Cover: On the Hunt with Great White Sharks

A Review of "On the Hunt with Animal Predators" in Horn Book Guide

On the Hunt with Animal Predators series. This slight book presents basic information about one of the most feared sea creatures including habitat, behaviors, food sources, and reproduction. The brief narrative is interesting but may be inadequate for report-driven readers. Large up-close… View →

Cover: On the Hunt with Hyenas

A Review of "On the Hunt with Animal Predators" in Horn Book Guide

On the Hunt with Animal Predators series. These slight books present basic information about large carnivores that prey on weaker animals. Characteristics of each species are recounted, including their habitats, social behaviors, food sources, and nurturing of offspring. The simply written… View →

Cover: Dogs

A Review of "Pet Care" in Horn Book Guide

Pet Care series. Published fall 2015. Straightforward but limited descriptions of pets aim to prepare readers for ownership of each animal; sections discuss living environment, diet, and care required. Layouts feature simple text in blue and red circles and photographs with arrow-shaped… View →

Cover: Inventing the Cell Phone

A Review of "The Spark of Invention" in Horn Book Guide

Spark of Invention series. These books examine the history and technological underpinnings of these modern machines. Each volume hits on a few key people and events critical to the creation of the technology as well as to the products’ broad popularity. The books are quite short, though… View →

Cover: The Mars Rovers

A Review of "Wonders of Space" in Horn Book Guide

Wonders of Space series. Accounts of major events in space exploration—including the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, Voyager probes, Mars rovers, and Hubble telescope as well as recent missions to Saturn and Pluto—are presented in short narrative formats, with numerous quotes from those… View →

Cover: Behind the Wheel of a Monster Truck

A Review of "In the Driver's Seat" in Horn Book Guide

In the Driver’s Seat series. These books focus on what a young reader might experience while driving the featured vehicle. The second-person narration includes pertinent information about the vehicles; color photos and occasional sidebars support the texts. Safety issues are mentioned… View →

Cover: Malala Yousafzai: Fighting for an Education

A Review of "True Stories, Real People" in Horn Book Guide

True Stories, Real People series. Each short, inspiring biography is divided into four or five chapters written in an objective, unpretentious manner. Quotation sources are fastidiously footnoted and listed in the back matter. Navigation is easy thanks to clean layouts and a simple color… View →

Cover: Stories of Titanic's Third Class

A Review of "Titanic Stories" in Horn Book Guide

Titanic Stories series. Providing a wealth of in-depth information, intimate details, and lesser-known facts about the Titanic, this series explores every aspect of the doomed voyage in readable narratives. With a focus on the perspectives of individual travelers, each book is aided by its… View →

Cover: Eyewitness to the Navajo Code Talkers

A Review of "Eyewitness to World War II" in Horn Book Guide

Eyewitness to World War II series. Each book in this series looks at a specific aspect of World War II with an emphasis on first-hand accounts. The age-appropriate prose is engaging but provides minimum background information, making the volumes better as supplementary texts for interested… View →

Cover: Indian Ocean Tsunami Survival Stories

A Review of "Natural Disaster True Survival Stories" in Horn Book Guide

Natural Disaster True Survival Stories series. In a series about real-life disaster survival, these volumes focus on two earthquakes and tsunamis that hit Asia. In each book, a brief introduction describes the disaster, followed by chapters that detail real individuals’ involvement… View →


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