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Cover: Hurricane Katrina Survival Stories

A Review of "Natural Disaster True Survival Stories" in Horn Book Guide

Natural Disaster True Survival Stories series. In a series about real-life disaster survival, these volumes focus on weather-related events in the U.S. In each book, a brief introduction describes the disaster and four or five chapters detail real individuals’ involvement. Gripping… View →

Cover: Haiti Earthquake Survival Stories

A Review of "Natural Disaster True Survival Stories" in Horn Book Guide

Natural Disaster True Survival Stories series. In a series about real-life disaster survival, this volume focuses on the earthquake that decimated Haiti in 2010. A brief introduction describes this disaster, followed by five chapters that detail real individuals’ involvement. Gripping… View →

Cover: The Chilean Miners: Buried Alive

A Review of "True Stories, Real People" in Horn Book Guide

True Stories, Real People series. Integrating objective, fact-based narration and primary source quotations, this title communicates the hardships and applauds the fortitude of the Chilean men who were trapped in the San Jose Mine for sixty-nine days. Simple layouts use call-out boxes… View →

Cover: How Elections Work

A Review of "How America Works" in Children's Bookwatch

‘How Elections Work’ is a succinct guide to the American electoral process in the U.S.A. for young adults and teens. Illuminated with historic black and white and color photos, timelines, and other visual aids, ‘How Elections Work’ covers it’s subject matter in three chapters: Voting Rights… View →

Cover: Inside the Super Bowl

A Review of "Inside Look at Sports Events" in Booklist

Rather than presenting the facts historically or analytically, each volume in the Inside Look at Sports Events series leads off with a two-page informational section in a Q&A format, and then offers five narrative chapters, each from a different point of view. The result is a book that… View →

Cover: African Elephants

A Review of "Endangered Animals" in School Library Connection

The focus of these books is on the reasons each animal is endangered and the ways humans can help. Each title describes an animal, its environmental adaptations, and the threats contributing to its decline and conservation. Up-close photographs engage the reader, and life cycle diagrams and… View →

Cover: Allosaurus

A Review of "Exploring Dinosaurs" in School Library Connection

Dinosaurs are a source of fascination because scientists can only study their fossils to gather information, and they are still uncovering interesting facts. Author Susan Gray, a scientist with a special interest in zoology and paleontology, includes the latest information and answers to… View →

Cover: The Story of Titanic's Chairman Ismay

A Review of "Titanic Stories" in Booklist

The Titanic Stories series investigates this maritime disaster from different perspectives, and this volume takes a close look at J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of White Star Line, the company that built the Titanic. Engaging narrative prose describes Ismay’s excitement upon boarding the great… View →

Cover: Inventing the Skateboard

A Review of "The Spark of Invention" in Booklist

In this entry in the Spark of Invention series, kids will learn that the skateboards of today are the product of many people’s efforts over time. Beginning with the crude boards of the 1920s, consisting of little more than a plank with roller skate wheels, the text moves forward to the… View →

Cover: Alia Muhammad Baker: Saving a Library from War

A Review of "True Stories, Real People" in Booklist

The central library in Basra, Iraq, served its community for years before war threatened not just to end its services but to destroy its collections. In 2003, chief librarian Baker led an impromptu, grassroots effort to save as much of the collection as she and the library’s neighbors could… View →


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