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Grade 1

Cover: The Parables

The Parables

For thousands of years, parables have helped people better understand life's lessons. Our series of stand-alone parables gives each tale the focus and dignity it deserves. These simple… More →

Cover: True Animal Stories

True Animal Stories

Waterskiing squirrels! Bike-riding dogs! Two-headed turtles! This series has it all for the reluctant reader. Engaging true animal stories and vivid images help keep readers interested. Trot… More →

Cover: Twelve Magic Months

Twelve Magic Months

Following the calendar month by month, the Twelve Magic Months series makes the perfect classroom companion for children and teachers alike. Packed with fun facts that connect significant… More →

Cover: United States Landmarks

United States Landmarks

The symbols of our country are easy to recognize, but their significance is not as widely known. Icons such as Arlington National Cemetery, the Hoover Dam, and the Lincoln Memorial stand for… More →

Cover: Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

Stories of aliens, ghosts, and other mysterious incidents and sightings captivate readers. The Unsolved Mysteries series provides a fascinating look at unusual incidents that will keep young… More →

Cover: Values to Live By

Values to Live By

Today's world is a tough place for kids. They see rudeness, anger, and contentious behavior all around them. They're bombarded with negative values and messages through TV programs, movies… More →

Spring 2017 Cover: Welcome, Fall!

Welcome, Fall!

Fall is a time of change. It's also a season to celebrate and give thanks. Inform early readers about all that happens in fall with this delightful series. A table of contents, chapter… More →

Spring 2017 Cover: Welcome, Spring!

Welcome, Spring!

Spring is a time when things are born and grow. And as with any season, there are holidays to celebrate. Inform early readers about all that happens in spring with this light and fun series… More →

Cover: WordBooks/Libros de Palabras

WordBooks/Libros de Palabras

Learning Spanish is lots of fun with our endearing WordBooks/Libros de Palabras series! Lighthearted illustrations guide readers through words they use and encounter every day. Simple scenes… More →

Cover: World Traditions

World Traditions

Holidays are special times of celebration and tradition all over the world. People celebrate these holidays in a variety of fascinating ways. The World Traditions series explores the history… More →


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The Child's World is an independent, family-owned company that has been publishing books for schools and libraries since 1968. The goal of The Child's World is simple. We want all young children to enjoy reading educational books. To achieve this goal, we've committed ourselves to manufacturing the highest-quality books available and strengthening our relationship with you, our customer. More →