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Best Sellers

Cover: United States Landmarks

United States Landmarks

The symbols of our country are easy to recognize, but their significance is not as widely known. Icons such as Arlington National Cemetery, the Hoover Dam, and the Lincoln Memorial stand for… More →

Cover: Today's MVPs and Champions

Today's MVPs and Champions

The top-scoring champion in basketball! The record-setting slugger! The career-record holder in touchdown passes! Only a few professional players have excelled in legendary ways. The series… More →

Cover: Life in Water Biomes

Life in Water Biomes

Inside and around a pond is a world of life. It is a water biome. Plants float on its surface. Snails inch along its bottom. And animals drink its water. Learn about the many water biomes… More →

Cover: Values to Live By

Values to Live By

Today's world is a tough place for kids. They see rudeness, anger, and contentious behavior all around them. They're bombarded with negative values and messages through TV programs, movies… More →

Cover: Fairy Tale Collection

Fairy Tale Collection

The Fairy Tale Collection introduces young readers to classic stories of magic, adventure, and lessons learned. The stories in this collection are woven and retold in a unique way but remain… More →

Cover: Talking Hands

Talking Hands

Learning any language, either spoken or manual, begins with vocabulary acquisition. This series offers readers a basic introduction to American Sign Language and features common words and… More →

Cover: Idioms


Is it raining cats and dogs today? Have you ever chewed the fat or pushed the envelope? You use idioms all the time, but have you ever wondered where they come from or what they mean? In this… More →

Cover: Twelve Magic Months

Twelve Magic Months

Following the calendar month by month, the Twelve Magic Months series makes the perfect classroom companion for children and teachers alike. Packed with fun facts that connect significant… More →

Cover: Constellations


Since ancient times, people of all ages have gazed up at the stars in wonder. Ancient peoples created fascinating stories about the shapes they saw in the stars. With eye-catching graphics… More →

Cover: Domestic Cats

Domestic Cats

Do you love cats? Maybe your family has a pet cat. Or maybe you'd like to learn more about cats before having one as a pet. Each book in the Domestic Cat series introduces a different cat… More →


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The Child's World is an independent, family-owned company that has been publishing books for schools and libraries since 1968. The goal of The Child's World is simple. We want all young children to enjoy reading educational books. To achieve this goal, we've committed ourselves to manufacturing the highest-quality books available and strengthening our relationship with you, our customer. More →