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American Tall Tales

American Tall Tales are some of our nation's most creative and beloved stories. With heaping helpings of exaggeration, these tales present people and deeds that are bigger than life. Readers will enjoy stretching their imaginations and having their fantasies tickled with these charming, humorous, and highly engaging stories.

Cover: Casey Jones

Casey Jones

Based on a real person, this tall tale tells the story of legendary train engineer Casey Jones and his heroic last ride on the Cannonball Express. More →

Cover: Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Based on a real person, this tall tale tells the story of legendary nurseryman Johnny Appleseed and how he introduced apple trees to large parts of the United States. More →

Cover: Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan

This truly tall tale weaves the story of giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his beloved bovine companion, Babe. More →

Cover: Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill

This tall tale weaves the story of legendary cowboy Pecos Bill, who was raised by coyotes and had adventures with his beloved horse, Widow-Maker. More →

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