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Magic Castle Readers

With more than 10 million copies in print, Magic Castle Readers is one of the most successful beginning reading series available today. These books feature charming illustrations and provide children with a fun escape to faraway lands. Curriculum topics are woven into each book and include subjects such as counting, colors, feelings, manners, and many more. Offer your children Magic Castle Readers and watch them enter a world in which they love to read!

Cover: 'Smile,' Says Little Crocodile

'Smile,' Says Little Crocodile

A little crocodile gives advice on how to have a happy, snappy smile by developing healthy habits. More →

Cover: A Color Clown Comes to Town

A Color Clown Comes to Town

The reader is asked to help a clown pick the correct colors to paint a fire engine, truck, and steam shovel. More →

Cover: A Dragon in a Wagon

A Dragon in a Wagon

Megan goes for a ride with a dragon in a wagon and they continue traveling by a great variety of transportation modes and greet a great variety of creatures along the way. More →

Cover: A Pocketful of Pets

A Pocketful of Pets

Mike enlists the help of a variety of animals to find Mama Kangaroo's baby, but they all get so sleepy they hop in Mama's pouch for a nap. More →

Cover: A Wish-For Dinosaur

A Wish-For Dinosaur

Darrin meets a wish-for dinosaur who agrees to be his pet for the day. More →

Cover: Apes Find Shapes

Apes Find Shapes

Four funny apes help Tracy find shapes in the objects around her, including the circle in a doughnut, the triangle in a kite, and the rectangle in a door. More →

Cover: Away Went the Farmer's Hat

Away Went the Farmer's Hat

The farmer's hat blows away and is used by many animals on and around the farm until it once again comes to rest back on the farmer's head. More →

Cover: Butterfly Express

Butterfly Express

A little girl finds a caterpillar in the field one day and brings it home where she watches it undergo an amazing transformation. More →

Cover: Here We Go 'Round the Year

Here We Go 'Round the Year

Twelve little bears describe the weather and activities associated with each month of the year. More →

Cover: Hop-Skip-Jump-A-Roo Zoo

Hop-Skip-Jump-A-Roo Zoo

Andy learns that he can swing and sway, stretch and swim, gallop, sing, jump, skip, and wiggle, just like the animals do at the zoo. Includes a lesson on counting one to ten. More →


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