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3-D Shapes

You eat ice cream in a cone. You play catch with a sphere--a baseball. Look around you. There are 3-D shapes everywhere! The 3-D Shapes series explains simple geometry concepts and introduces 3-D shapes. Each book features clear text, appealing photos, and engaging real-world examples, proving you can find 3-D shapes wherever you look! Additional features to aid comprehension include a table of contents, a phonetic glossary, informative sidebars, activities for further learning, sources for further research, an index, and an introduction to the author.

Cover: Cones


Explores the geometry of cones using real-world examples such as traffic cones and ice cream cones. More →

Cover: Cubes


Explores the geometry of cubes using real-world examples such as ice cubes and Rubik's cubes. More →

Cover: Cylinders


Explores the geometry of cylinders using real-world examples such as drums and cans of food. More →

Cover: Prisms


Explores the geometry of prisms using real-world examples such as honeycombs and board game boxes. More →

Cover: Pyramids


Explores the geometry of pyramids using real-world examples such as grocery store displays and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. More →

Cover: Spheres


Explores the geometry of spheres using real-world examples such as basketballs and bubbles. More →

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