Fall 2016

Everyday Earth Science

Cover: Everyday Earth Science Spread: Everyday Earth Science
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Young kids are fascinated by the world around them. Why is the sky blue? What makes a rainbow? How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? In this informative series, readers will learn the answers to common questions about weather, the seasons, and other intriguing Earth science topics. Each bookexploresthe scientific answers to common science questions in an age-appropriate way. Engaging text, colorfulimages, and useful diagramshelp readers understand each concept. Each book also includes activities to promote further learning, and a phonetic glossary. Perfect for inquisitive readers!

Individual Titles

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Everyday Earth Science (8 titles) Fall 2016
What Causes a Rainbow? Fall 2016 3.0
What Is a Solstice? Fall 2016 3.1
What Is the Difference between Clouds and Fog? Fall 2016 3.0
What Makes It Rain? Fall 2016 2.6
What Makes the Sky Blue? Fall 2016 2.9
Where Did the Caterpillar Go? Fall 2016 3.1
Why Do Leaves Change Color? Fall 2016 2.8
Why Does Earth Have Seasons? Fall 2016 3.1
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  • New! Fall 2016



  • Graphics: Full-color photographs, Full-color illustrations
  • Reinforced book (9781503813076): 8 x 9.5, © 2017
  • Hosted ebook (9781503815919): 8 x 9.5, © 2017
  • Subject: Science/Tech
  • Series: Everyday Earth Science


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