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High Interest

Cover: Insider's Guide to Pro Football

Insider's Guide to Pro Football

Hook young football fans with The Insider's Guide to Pro Football series. Each book takes an in-depth look at a specific National Football League team. Readers will explore the league, the… More →

Cover: Jump into Sports

Jump into Sports

Sports offer kids a great opportunity to learn, be social, stay healthy, and have fun! Our Jump into Sports series features action photos and simple descriptions of equipment, rules, and… More →

Cover: Kids' Guides

Kids' Guides

Kids' Guides kindle the diverse interests of elementary readers by introducing them to a wide range of subjects. Part how-to guide, part introductory overview, every Kids' Guide is filled… More →

Cover: Laughing Matters

Laughing Matters

There's nothing more delightful than the laughter of a child, and the Laughing Matters series will keep kids giggling for days! These colorful volumes are packed with kid-friendly jokes, and… More →

Cover: Make Your Own Fun

Make Your Own Fun

Have you ever wanted to learn how to face paint? Or how to put on a magic show? It's easier than you think! Each book in the Make Your Own Fun series features several fun and easy activities… More →

Cover: Pet Care

Pet Care

The Pet Care series is a valuable resource for children who are learning to be responsible for common animals. The vivid, full-color photographs and simple text will engage young readers with… More →

Cover: Stars of Today

Stars of Today

The Stars of Today series introduces today's hottest celebrities to young readers. Each book covers a star's early life, rise to fame, and career highlights. Interesting quotes and anecdotes… More →

Cover: Survival Guides

Survival Guides

Young readers are fascinated by extreme tales of challenge and survival. Immerse them in a variety of survival situations with the Survival Guides series from The Child's World. Each book… More →

Cover: The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Get ready for some outdoor fun! Pedal, climb, walk, or paddle into this engaging and exciting series about outdoor activities. The Great Outdoors series provides essential information on the… More →

Cover: The World's Greatest Athletes

The World's Greatest Athletes

They are the heroes, the winners, the champions. They are the people whose exploits thrill and inspire us all. They are the World's Greatest Athletes, and this series celebrates their lives… More →


A Family-Owned Company

The Child's World is an independent, family-owned company that has been publishing books for schools and libraries since 1968. The goal of The Child's World is simple. We want all young children to enjoy reading educational books. To achieve this goal, we've committed ourselves to manufacturing the highest-quality books available and strengthening our relationship with you, our customer. More →