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E. Russell Primm III

E. Russell Primm III is a very well known figure in the publishing industry. Having worked with such companies as Children's Press/Franklin Watts, J. G. Ferguson Publishing Co., Capstone, Troll Book Clubs, Rourke, Compass Point, Gareth Stevens, Inc., Foxhound, Heinemann, World Almanac Library, and Library Quarterly, Primm is responsible for thousands of acclaimed books for children. He is currently the president of Editorial Directions, Inc., a company which assists publishers in producing nonfiction materials for grades K--12. Like his professional contributions and credits, Primm's educational background is extensive. He is a graduate of both the University of Chicago, Graduate Library School, as well as Loyola University of Chicago. He is affiliated with organizations such as the American Library Association and the Chicago Book Clinic, and is a member of the University of Chicago Publishing Program Advisory Board. Primm ihas also been known to volunteer at several Chicago area organizations, such as Metro Help, Literacy Volunteers of Chicago, National Runaway Switchboard, Horizons Social Service, Member of Board of Directors, and Gerber Hart Library and Archives.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Volume 8: William Steig to Charlotte Zolotow N/A
Volume 4: Nikki Grimes to Suzy Kline N/A
Volume 2: Joanna Cole to Jack Gantos N/A
Volume 5: E. L. Konigsburg to A. A. Milne N/A
Volume 4: Ursula K. Le Guin to Helen Oxenbury N/A
Volume 3: Carmen Lomas Garza to Edward Lear N/A
Volume 7: Peggy Rathman to Suzanne Fisher Staples N/A
Volume 1: Verna Aardema to Ashley Bryan N/A
Volume 6: Ferdinand Monjo to Chris Raschka N/A
Volume 2: Clyde Robert Bulla to Kate DiCamillo N/A
Volume 1: Verna Aardema to Brock Cole N/A
Volume 5: Barbara Park to Peter Sis N/A
Volume 6: David Small to Gene Zion N/A
Volume 3: Leo and Diane Dillon to Eloise Greenfield N/A