"I always enjoy a visit with our sales rep, Lisa Kohlenberg, and the book samples she leaves encourage the librarians to purchase. "
—Teresa Barnhart/Wayne Public Library, Wayne Public Library

Gerry Souter


Title   ATOS Format Qty
James Buchanan 6.3
Herbert Hoover 6.1
James Buchanan: Our Fifteenth President 6.2 N/A
Herbert Hoover: Our Thirty-first President 5.9 N/A
Warren G. Harding 6.0
Millard Fillmore: Our Thirteenth President 6.3 N/A
John Quincy Adams: Our Sixth President 6.0 N/A
John Quincy Adams 6.0
Millard Fillmore 6.5
Warren G. Harding: Our Twenty-ninth President 6.0 N/A