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Jane Belk Moncure

Throughout her teaching and writing career, best-selling author Jane Belk Moncure has written over 300 books. She earned a Master's degree from Columbia University in Early Childhood Education and subsequently became one of the pioneers in this field. In 1956, she helped form the Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education, which established the first statewide standards for teachers of young children. Her books, inspired by her work in the classroom, have become standards in primary education, and her name is recognized across the country. Her success is reflected not only in her books' popularity with parents, children, and educators, but also by numerous awards, including the 1984 C. S. Lewis Gold Medal Award.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
My 'a' Sound Box 1.4
My 'b' Sound Box 1.9
My 'c' Sound Box 1.9
My 'd' Sound Box 1.8
My 'e' Sound Box 1.5
My 'f' Sound Box 2.0
My 'g' Sound Box 1.8
My 'h' Sound Box 1.8
My 'i' Sound Box 1.5
My 'j' Sound Box 1.8
My 'k' Sound Box 1.5
My 'l' Sound Box 2.3
My 'm' Sound Box 1.6
My 'n' Sound Box 1.8
My 'o' Sound Box 1.6
My 'p' Sound Box 2.4
My 'q' Sound Box 1.9
My 'r' Sound Box 2.1
My 's' Sound Box 2.3
My 't' Sound Box 1.7
My 'u' Sound Box 1.7
My 'v' Sound Box 2.3
My 'w' Sound Box 2.1
My 'xyz' Sound Box 2.4
My First Book
My Sound Parade 1.9
A Color Clown Comes to Town: A Book about Recognizing Colors 1.7
Hop-Skip-Jump-A-Roo Zoo: A Book about Imitating 1.6
Nanny Goat's Boat: A Book of Rhyming 2.1
The Bears Upstairs: A Book of Creative Dramatics 1.7
Little Too-Tall: A Book about Friendship 2.0
Rabbits' Habits: A Book about Good Habits 2.6
'Smile,' Says Little Crocodile: A Book about Good Habits 2.5
Yes, No, Little Hippo: A Book about Safety 2.1
A Dragon in a Wagon: A Book about Ways to Travel 2.1
A Wish-For Dinosaur: A Just-For-Fun Book 1.8
Away Went the Farmer's Hat: A Book about an Adventure 2.4
Mr. Doodle Had a Poodle: A Book about Fun Activities 1.6
Polka-Dot Puppy: A Just-For-Fun Book 2.2
Apes Find Shapes: A Book about Recognizing Shapes 2.6
How Many Ways Can You Cut a Pie? A Book about Math 2.1
One Tricky Monkey Up On Top: A Counting Adventure 2.0
The Biggest Snowball of All: A Book about Sizes 2.2
The Magic Moon Machine: A Counting Adventure 2.3
A Pocketful of Pets: A Search-and-Count Adventure 2.0
Here We Go 'Round the Year: A Book about the Months 1.8
Ice Cream Cows and Mitten Sheep: A Book about Farm Animals 2.0
Where Is Baby Bear? A Book about Animal Homes 2.0
Mousekin's Special Day: A Book about Special Days 1.9
What Can We Play Today? A Book about Community Helpers 1.8
Butterfly Express: A Book about Life Cycles 2.8
What Do You Do With a Grumpy Kangaroo? A Book about Feelings 1.7
What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way? A Book about Manners 1.9