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Jim Gigliotti

Jim Gigliotti is a former editor at the National Football League who now is a freelance writer based in southern California. Though he also has worked for the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Dodgers, he is a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan. His recent writing credits include Baseball: A Celebration (with James Buckley Jr.) and several books for youngsters on NASCAR history and personalities.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Talkin' Football NEW Pending
Talkin' Golf and Tennis NEW Pending
Talkin' Hockey NEW Pending
Boston Celtics NEW 3.7
Brooklyn Nets NEW 3.7
New York Knicks NEW 3.9
Philadelphia 76ers NEW 4.0
Toronto Raptors NEW 3.9
Chicago Bulls NEW 3.7
Cleveland Cavaliers NEW 3.9
Detroit Pistons NEW 3.8
Indiana Pacers NEW 4.0
Milwaukee Bucks NEW 3.7
Atlanta Hawks NEW 3.6
Charlotte Hornets NEW 3.8
Miami Heat NEW 3.7
Orlando Magic NEW 3.6
Washington Wizards NEW 3.9
Arizona Diamondbacks 3.8
Colorado Rockies 3.6
Los Angeles Dodgers 3.8
San Diego Padres 3.7
San Francisco Giants 3.7
Top 10 Richest Athletes 4.5
Top 10 Toughest Football Players 4.5
AFC North 5.6
AFC South 5.3
Knight Life 5.0
LaDainian Tomlinson 5.5
Great Girl Golfers 5.3
Power Pitchers 4.8
Tom Brady 6.3
Football Superstars 5.2
Hurricanes 5.3
Smoke Jumpers 4.7
Peyton Manning 6.2