"Customer Service is very helpful and friendly. Excellent Job."
—Sharon Bonner, Concord Public Library

Joanne Meier

Joanne Meier, PhD, has worked as an elementary school teacher, university professor, and researcher. She earned her BA in early childhood education from the University of South Carolina, and her MEd and PhD in education from the University of Virginia. She currently works as a literacy consultant for schools and private organizations. Joanne lives in Virginia with her husband Eric, daughters Kella and Erin, two cats, and a gerbil.

Recent Products

Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Make-Believe Store
The Fireworks Show 1.4
Hospital Helper 2.0
Prepare for Blastoff! 2.1
The Aquarium Adventure 2.2
An Energy Expert at Home 2.6
Every Drop Helps! 2.6
The Nice Clean Park 2.3
Teamwork at Lotsaluck Camp: A Storytime Book 2.7
Is That the Orange Cat? 0.7
Purple Paint Everywhere! 1.2
The Blue Bike Wins! 0.9

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