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—Patricia Cave, Ap Edwins Elem School

Ann Graham Gaines


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Theodore Roosevelt: Our Twenty-sixth President 5.7 N/A
Andrew Jackson 5.8 N/A
Richard M. Nixon: Our Thirty-seventh President 6.2 N/A
Grover Cleveland: Our Twenty-second and Twenty-fourth President 5.6 N/A
James K. Polk 6.0
Grover Cleveland 6.0 N/A
John Adams 6.4
Ulysses S. Grant: Our Eighteenth President 5.8 N/A
Richard M. Nixon 6.5
John Adams: Our Second President 6.0 N/A
William Henry Harrison 6.0
Andrew Jackson: Our Seventh President 5.5 N/A
James Madison 6.1
James Madison: Our Fourth President 6.0 N/A
Harry S. Truman: Our Thirty-third President 6.0 N/A
Matthew Henson and the North Pole Expedition 5.0 N/A
Harry S. Truman 6.2 N/A
William J. Clinton: Our Forty-second President 6.2 N/A
George Washington 6.3 N/A
James Polk: Our Eleventh President 5.7 N/A
William Clinton 6.4 N/A
Ulysses S. Grant 6.3
William Henry Harrison: Our Ninth President 5.7 N/A
George Washington: Our First President 5.9 N/A
Theodore Roosevelt 5.9 N/A
James Monroe: Our Fifth President 5.9 N/A
George W. Bush: Our Forty-third President 6.3 N/A