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—Suzanne Tuggle/Librarian, Washiington Cnty Bd Of Ed

Kathleen Petelinsek


Title   ATOS Format Qty
At Work/En el Trabajo N/A
Days and Times/Dias y Horas N/A
Food/Comida N/A
Seasons/Estaciones N/A
Colors and Shapes/Colores y Formas N/A
Holidays and Celebrations/Dias de Fiesta y Celebraciones N/A
Greetings and Phrases/Saludos y Frases N/A
Animals/Animales N/A
Questions and Answers/Preguntas y Respuestas N/A
Feelings and Emotions/Sentimientos N/A
Weather/El Tiempo N/A
Opposites/Los Contrarios N/A
At Play/En el Juego
Limericks 3.7
Seasons and Weather/Las Estaciones y El Tiempo N/A
Learn German Words
Colors and Shapes
Actions/Las Acciones
Little Red Riding Hood 4.0
My Tin Bin NEW
Weird-but-True Facts about the U.S. Military 5.9
School/La Escuela
Little Jack Horner
Cinderella 3.7
Weird-but-True Facts about Animals 4.6
Greetings and Phrases
Food/La Comida
Ned, Ted, and the Red Shed 0.9
Narrative Poems 4.1
Thanksgiving Crafts N/A
Cinco de Mayo 3.2 N/A
Tad's Dad NEW 0.7
Humpty Dumpty
The Little Mermaid 4.1
Halloween Crafts N/A
Pop's Mop Shop NEW
Birthday Crafts
Holidays and Celebrations/Los Dias de Fiestas y Las Celebraciones
Sharing Jam and Ham 1.4
Beauty and the Beast 3.9
The Bug on the Rug 1.4
You Bet! NEW
At School/En la Escuela N/A
The Blob on Bob 1.3
Learn French Words
Independence Day Crafts
My Big Wig 0.8
Valentine's Day Crafts N/A
House/La Casa
Nan and Jan's Plan NEW 0.8
The Rag Bag 0.8
Kip and Pip's Trip NEW 1.1
The Nut Near the Hut NEW 0.9
Questions and Answers
Body/El Cuerpo N/A
Feelings/Las Emociones
Learn Spanish Words
Learn Mandarin Chinese Words
Days and Times/Los Dias y Las Horas
Hansel and Gretel 3.8
Machines/Las Maquinas
Careers/Las Carreras
The Fisherman and His Wife 3.8
Chap's Cap NEW 1.2
Easter Crafts N/A
The Best Log in the Bog 1.3
Sports and Games/Los Deportes y Los Juegos
A Crab in the Cab 1.5
A Cub in the Tub 0.9
Cinquain Poems 4.0
Feelings and Emotions
Animals/Los Animales
Rhyming Poems 3.8
Cinco de Mayo 3.2
Acrostic Poems 3.6
Weird-but-True Facts about Inventions 5.2
Prose Poems 4.0
Neighborhood/El Barrio
Learn Japanese Words
The Sillies N/A
Clothes/La Ropa
Family and Friends
Haikus 3.9
People/Las Personas
Kit's Banana Split 1.3
Family and Friends/Familia y Amigos N/A
Weird-but-True Facts about Science 5.5
Sammy's Something Sweet N/A
Ben's Hen 0.7
Mother's Day Crafts N/A
Days and Times
Christmas Crafts N/A
Fun in the Sun 0.8
Learn Russian Words
Weird-but-True Facts about Sports 5.1
Concrete Poems 4.0
Weird-but-True Facts about Earth 5.0