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—Kay Stine, Huntington City - Twp Public Library

Kathleen Petelinsek


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Learn Arabic Words NEW
Learn Hindi Words NEW
Learn Korean Words NEW
Learn Portuguese Words NEW
Learn Tagalog Words NEW
Learn Vietnamese Words NEW
Chap's Cap 1.2
Kip and Pip's Trip 1.1
Pop's Mop Shop
My Tin Bin
Nan and Jan's Plan 0.8
Tad's Dad 0.7
The Nut Near the Hut 0.9
You Bet!
A Crab in the Cab 1.5
A Cub in the Tub 0.9
Ben's Hen 0.7
Fun in the Sun 0.8
Kit's Banana Split 1.3
My Big Wig 0.8
Ned, Ted, and the Red Shed 0.9
Sharing Jam and Ham 1.4
The Best Log in the Bog 1.3
The Blob on Bob 1.3
The Bug on the Rug 1.4
The Rag Bag 0.8
Acrostic Poems 3.6
Cinquain Poems 4.0
Concrete Poems 4.0
Prose Poems 4.0
Haikus 3.9
Limericks 3.7
Rhyming Poems 3.8
Narrative Poems 4.1
Learn French Words
Learn German Words
Learn Japanese Words
Learn Mandarin Chinese Words
Learn Russian Words
Learn Spanish Words
Colors and Shapes
Days and Times
Family and Friends
Feelings and Emotions
Greetings and Phrases
Questions and Answers
Cinco de Mayo 3.2
Beauty and the Beast 3.9
Cinderella 3.7
Hansel and Gretel 3.8
Little Red Riding Hood 4.0
The Fisherman and His Wife 3.8
The Little Mermaid 4.1
Weird-but-True Facts about Animals 4.6
Weird-but-True Facts about Earth 5.0
Weird-but-True Facts about Inventions 5.2
Weird-but-True Facts about Science 5.5
Weird-but-True Facts about Sports 5.1
Weird-but-True Facts about the U.S. Military 5.9
Birthday Crafts
Independence Day Crafts
Little Jack Horner
Humpty Dumpty
Actions/Las Acciones
Careers/Las Carreras
Clothes/La Ropa
Days and Times/Los Dias y Las Horas
Holidays and Celebrations/Los Dias de Fiestas y Las Celebraciones
House/La Casa
Neighborhood/El Barrio
School/La Escuela
Animals/Los Animales
Feelings/Las Emociones
Food/La Comida
Machines/Las Maquinas
People/Las Personas
Sports and Games/Los Deportes y Los Juegos
At Play/En el Juego