"You're the BEST! It's a pleasure dealing with your company."
—Suzanne Tuggle/Librarian, Washiington Cnty Bd Of Ed

Marv Alinas

Marv Alinas has written dozens of books for children. When she's not reading or writing, Marv enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs and traveling to interesting places. Marv lives in Minnesota.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Kit's Banana Split 1.3
Ben's Hen 0.7
Cranes 2.5 N/A
Fun in the Sun 0.8
Bulldozers 2.5 N/A
Cranes 2.5
Garbage Trucks 2.7 N/A
My Tin Bin NEW
Diggers 2.4
Boxes for Max: The Sound of X
Bulldozers 2.5
Ned, Ted, and the Red Shed 0.9
Red Ribbons: The Sound of R
Tad's Dad NEW 0.7
Pop's Mop Shop NEW
Sharing Jam and Ham 1.4
The Bug on the Rug 1.4
You Bet! NEW
The Blob on Bob 1.3
My Big Wig 0.8
Nan and Jan's Plan NEW 0.8
The Rag Bag 0.8
Garbage Trucks 2.7
Kip and Pip's Trip NEW 1.1
The Nut Near the Hut NEW 0.9
Crazy Crayons: The Sound of CR
Chap's Cap NEW 1.2
The Best Log in the Bog 1.3
A Crab in the Cab 1.5
A Cub in the Tub 0.9
Clark the Clam: The Sound of CL
Forklifts 2.4 N/A
Diggers 2.4 N/A