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—Evelyn Ellis/South Middle School, Liberal Usd #480

Mary Berendes

Mary Berendes has authored several books for children, including nature titles as well as books about various countries and holidays. A longtime resident of Minnesota, Mary has numerous pastimes to occupy her during the seemingly unending Minnesota winters, including collecting antique books and playing the piano. Her beloved Yorkshire terrier also provides plenty of entertainment...and confusion...and comic relief...on a daily basis.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks 2.8
Piranhas 4.4
The Good Samaritan 3.7
The Lost Sheep 3.7
The Prodigal Son 3.6
The Sower and the Seeds 4.1
The Ten Bridesmaids 4.0
The Unmerciful Servant 3.9
Birthday Crafts
Independence Day Crafts
The Boy Who Cried Wolf 2.7
The Fox and the Grapes 2.8
The Maid and the Milk Pail 3.3
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 3.1
Actions/Las Acciones
Careers/Las Carreras
Clothes/La Ropa
Days and Times/Los Dias y Las Horas
Holidays and Celebrations/Los Dias de Fiestas y Las Celebraciones
House/La Casa
Neighborhood/El Barrio
School/La Escuela
Welcome to Spain 4.3
Animals/Los Animales
Feelings/Las Emociones
Food/La Comida
Machines/Las Maquinas
People/Las Personas
Sports and Games/Los Deportes y Los Juegos