"Wonderful service! I appreciate the free AR books, tests and processing. I was able to get the books on the shelves and out to the students the same day!"
—Patricia Cave, Ap Edwins Elem School

Mary Lindeen

Mary Lindeen is a writer, editor, former elementary school teacher, and parent. She has written more than 100 books for children. She specializes in early literacy instruction and creating books for young readers.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Antarctica N/A
Asia N/A
Europe N/A
Africa 2.6
Africa N/A
Neat, Tidy, and Clean: Teaching Synonyms
Asia 2.5
North America 2.7
Europe 2.8
Australia 2.9
Cupcakes for My Birthday: Teaching Compound Words
South America 2.9
Australia N/A
Earth's Continents (7 titles) N/A
Antarctica 2.8
Mom, Pop, and Tot: Teaching Palindromes
South America N/A
I See the Sea: Teaching Homophones
North America N/A