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—Teresa Barnhart/Wayne Public Library, Wayne Public Library

Barbara A. Somervill

Barbara A. Somervill is the author of many books for children. She also writes video scripts and textbooks. She loves learning and sees every writing project as a chance to learn new information or gain a new understanding. Somervill grew up in New York State, but she has also lived in Toronto, Canada; Canberra, Australia; California; and South Carolina. She is a graduate of Saint Lawrence University in Canton, New York, and currently lives with her husband in Simpsonville, South Carolina.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Amistad Mutiny: Fighting for Freedom 5.7 N/A
The History of the Computer 6.0 N/A
The History of the Clock 5.2 N/A
The Massachusetts Colony 5.7 N/A
Volume 1: Oceans, Seas, and Reefs N/A
The Rugged Rockies 5.6
The History of the Telephone 5.5 N/A
The Awesome Alps 5.6
Mary McLeod Bethune: African-American Educator 5.3
Brown v. Board of Education 6.0 N/A
The History of the Calendar 5.4 N/A
Volume 4: Wetlands
Australia 5.0 N/A
The History of Money 5.5 N/A
Volume 3: Rivers, Streams, Lakes, and Ponds N/A
Volume 7: Forests
Volume 2: Tundra N/A
The History of the Post Office 5.8 N/A
The History of the Library 5.9 N/A
The Rhode Island Colony 6.1 N/A
Volume 6: Grasslands N/A
Brown v. Board of Education: The Battle for Equal Education 6.0 N/A
The New York Colony 5.8 N/A
The History of the Motion Picture 5.5 N/A
The History of Space Travel 5.8 N/A
The Timeworn Urals 5.5
The Land of the Andes 5.5
The History of the Airplane 5.3 N/A
The Magnificent Himalayas 5.2
Volume 5: Deserts