"I always enjoy a visit with our sales rep, Lisa Kohlenberg, and the book samples she leaves encourage the librarians to purchase. "
—Teresa Barnhart/Wayne Public Library, Wayne Public Library

Pam Rosenberg

Pam Rosenberg is a former junior high school teacher and corporate trainer. She currently works as an author and editor of children's books. She has always loved reading and feels very fortunate to be doing work that requires her to read all the time. When she isn't writing or editing books, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, and reading just for fun.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Bug Jokes N/A
Animal Jokes
Blecch! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your School 4.8 N/A
Riddles N/A
Eek! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your Food 5.4
Doctor Jokes
Gross-Out Jokes N/A
Jane Addams: Social Reformer and Nobel Prize Winner 6.3
Dinosaur Jokes N/A
Dinosaur Jokes N/A
Tongue Twisters
Yecch! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your House 5.3
Doctor Jokes N/A
Alexander Hamilton: Soldier and Statesman 7.0
Ugh! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in the Hospital 5.8
Holiday Jokes N/A
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady, Humanitarian, and World Citizen 6.3
Sports Jokes
Monster Jokes N/A
Food Jokes
Space Jokes
Yuck! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your Garden 5.1
Baseball Jokes N/A
Knock-Knock Jokes N/A
Baseball Jokes
School Jokes
Knock-Knock Jokes
Jewish Americans 7.1 N/A
Outdoor Jokes N/A
Food Jokes N/A
Safari Jokes N/A
Ack! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff Underground 5.2
Sports Jokes N/A
Holiday Jokes
Yikes! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff Underwater 5.2
Historical Jokes N/A
Bug Jokes
Monster Jokes
School Jokes N/A
Space Jokes N/A
Tongue Twisters N/A
Robert Fulton: Engineer and Inventor 5.8
Animal Jokes N/A
Eew! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your Body 5.0
Gross-Out Jokes
Dinosaur Jokes