"Wonderful service! I appreciate the free AR books, tests and processing. I was able to get the books on the shelves and out to the students the same day!"
—Patricia Cave, Ap Edwins Elem School

Peg Ballard

Dr. Peg Ballard holds a PhD from Purdue University and is an associate professor in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Her areas of expertise are assessment, interventions, and response to intervention. Dr. Ballard teaches online graduate courses in the K-12 reading licensure and master's program along with reading interventions in the undergraduate teacher preparation program.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Fun!: The Sound of Short U 0.7
Gifts for Gus: The Sound of Hard G
Little Bit: The Sound of Short I 0.8
Chad Checks: The Sound of CH
Shoes: The Sound of SH
Vets: The Sound of V
This and That: The Sound of TH
Task Time: The Sound of T
Malls: The Sound of M