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Susan H. Gray

Susan Heinrichs Gray holds BS and MS degrees in Zoology from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She also attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman where she studied film production. Mrs. Gray has taught classes in General Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Film Animation, and Graphics for Scientists. She also has worked as a freshwater biologist and scientific illustrator. In her 25 years as a writer, Mrs. Gray has covered a wide range of topics. She has written science books for children, newsletters for business owners, health education materials for patients, and drug reports for pharmaceutical companies. However, she especially enjoys writing nonfiction books for children. This gives her an opportunity to research current events and make them interesting to young readers. Susan enjoys gardening, traveling, and playing the piano. She and her husband, Michael, live in Cabot, Arkansas, with their dog and four cats.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Allosaurus 5.1
Ankylosaurus 5.1
Apatosaurus 5.3
Compsognathus 5.5
Iguanodon 4.9
Maiasaura 4.5
Oviraptor 4.8
Spinosaurus 5.2
Stegosaurus 5.4
Triceratops 5.0
Tyrannosaurus Rex 5.2
Velociraptor 4.9
The Circulatory System 4.4
The Digestive System 4.3
The Muscular System 4.3
The Nervous System 4.6
The Respiratory System 4.4
The Skeletal System 4.3
Allosaurus 3.2
Ankylosaurus 3.1
Apatosaurus 3.2
Compsognathus 3.2
Iguanodon 3.2
Maiasaura 3.3
Oviraptor 3.3
Spinosaurus 3.1
Stegosaurus 3.1
Triceratops 3.1
Tyrannosaurus Rex 3.2
Velociraptor 3.2
Beagles 3.0
Bulldogs 3.0
Cocker Spaniels 3.0
Dachshunds 3.1
German Shepherds 3.1
Pomeranians 3.0
Rottweilers 3.1
Scottish Terriers 3.1
Basset Hounds 3.0
Border Collies 3.2
Golden Retrievers 3.2
Labradors 2.9
Pugs 3.0
Shih Tzus 2.9
Yorkshire Terriers 3.0
Ammonoids 5.3
Archaeopteryx 5.1
Crinoids and Blastoids 5.2
Glyptodonts 5.1
Ichthyosaurs 5.2
Mammoths and Mastodons 5.3
Megatherium 5.5
Pelycosaurs 5.2
Plesiosaurs 5.1
Pterosaurs 5.1
Saber-Toothed Cats 5.2
Trilobites 5.3
Psittacosaurus 5.0
Troodon 5.3
Coelophysis 5.1
Diplodocus 4.9