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—Connie Wright/Chesapeake Pl, Chesapeake Public Library

Bob Ostrom

Bob Ostrom has been illustrating children's books for nearly twenty years. A graduate of the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, Bob has worked for such companies as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Melissa and three children, Will, Charlie, and Mae.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Gina and the Magic Bear: The Sound of Soft G N/A
Lilly's Lost Lunch: The Sound of L N/A
Nick and Ned: The Sound of N N/A
The Thanksgiving Play 1.4
Max and the Mail: The Sound of M N/A
Mom's Birthday Surprise 1.2
How an e-Book Works 3.2
The Nice Clean Park 2.3
The Best Cookies of All 2.1
Carrie's Surprise: The Sound of Hard C N/A
Recycling at Grandpa's Store 2.5
Wendy and the Dog Wash: The Sound of W N/A
Oliver's Box: The Sound of Short O N/A
Step-by-Step Experiments with Simple Machines
Step-by-Step Experiments with Taste and Digestion
March 4.2
The Tractor Saves the Day 2.0
Lots of Stops 0.9 N/A
Is That the Orange Cat? 0.7
Fun on the Playground 0.9 N/A
February 4.2
Skateboarding Friends 1.5
Tongue Twisters
Wishing for a Red Balloon 1.1
The Halloween Costume Contest 1.4
The Home Run 1.7
Prepare for Blastoff! 2.1
Alex and the Box Shop: The Sound of X N/A
Eve's Green Garden: The Sound of Long E N/A
The House of Blocks 1.0 N/A
Step-by-Step Experiments with Plants
The Fireworks Show 1.4
A Fort to Share 1.2
A Walk Across Town 2.4
Ted and Tim: The Sound of T N/A
November 4.5
Isabel's Favorite Things: The Sound of Short I N/A
Happy New Year, Herbie Bear! 1.1 N/A
An Energy Expert at Home 2.6
Quana and Quinn: The Sound of Q N/A
Hospital Helper 2.0
May 3.9
The Make-Believe Store
Olivia by the Ocean: The Sound of Long O N/A
Dan's Darn Dog: The Sound of D N/A
Fran and Fay Find a Bird: The Sound of F N/A
Step-by-Step Experiments with Magnets
The Best Birthday Ever 1.1 N/A
December 4.6
Sue and the Music Show: The Sound of Long U N/A
April 4.0
Purple Paint Everywhere! 1.2
The Runaway Train 2.0
Step-by-Step Experiments with Light and Vision
September 4.2
Cindy, Cedric, and the Circus: The Sound of Soft C N/A
It's Time to Listen 1.0
The Most Unbelievable First Day of School: A Storytime Book 3.3
Isaac on the Farm: The Sound of Long I N/A
The Drawing Lesson
October 4.5
Jeff's Job: The Sound of J N/A
The Fire Truck Adventure 2.1
The Aquarium Adventure 2.2
The Winning Basket 1.5
Erin and Her New Pet: The Sound of Short E N/A
Step-by-Step Experiments with Life Cycles
How to Check Out a Book 2.8
Baseball Jokes
Step-by-Step Experiments with Electricity
January 4.4
Smile for the Dentist 2.1
Sara at the Store: The Sound of S N/A
Yoshi's Yard: The Sound of Y N/A
School Jokes
How a Library Works 2.9
How to Treat a Book 2.8
Knock-Knock Jokes
The Blue Bike Wins! 0.9
Valentines for Everyone 1.4
Step-by-Step Experiments with Soils
June 4.1
Postcards from All Over 2.2
An Airplane Daydream 2.3
Raising Your Hand 1.2
Best Mates on the Boat 2.1
How to Find Information Online 3.1
Roy on the Ranch: The Sound of R N/A
The Soccer Game 1.5
Step-by-Step Experiments with Matter
How to Find a Book 3.0
Bug Jokes
The Big Race 1.4
Teamwork at Lotsaluck Camp: A Storytime Book 2.7
Monster Jokes
Sharing the Green Ball 1.1
Every Drop Helps! 2.6
Victor Moves: The Sound of V N/A
The Yellow Kite Flies High 1.1
Gary Gets a Gift: The Sound of Hard G N/A
Kella's Kitten: The Sound of K N/A
Taking Turns 1.4
Step-by-Step Experiments with the Water Cycle
A Tree for the City 2.7
Anna and the Dance Class: The Sound of Short A N/A
Amy's Big Race: The Sound of Long A N/A
Cleaning Up 1.6
Zack's Zippers: The Sound of Z N/A
Jumping into the Pool 1.3
Saying 'Thank You' 1.4
Pam's Trip to the Park: The Sound of P N/A
August 4.2
Step-by-Step Experiments with Sound
Step-by-Step Experiments with Insects
Holly and Hank's Snow Holiday: The Sound of H N/A
July 4.1
A Spider in the Race Car! 2.2
Gross-Out Jokes
Dinosaur Jokes
Buddy's Summer Day: The Sound of Short U N/A
Ben, Billy, and the Birdhouse: The Sound of B N/A