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Dan McGeehan

Dan McGeehan has been a freelance illustrator for fifteen years. During that time his art has appeared on many magazines, in many children's books, and under a lot of scrutiny all around the world. He currently lives in Oklahoma with his wife, their two daughters, and everybody's two cats.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Intriguing Sources of Hold Your Horses and Other Idioms
Being Safe around Water 2.9
The Over-the-Top Histories of Chew the Scenery and Other Idioms
Being Safe with Fire 3.0
Bicycles Before the Store 3.8
The Shocking Stories Behind Lightning in a Bottle and Other Idioms
The Unbelievable Origins of Snake Oil and Other Idioms
Toothpaste Before the Store 4.2
Shoes Before the Store 3.3
Being Safe with Weather 3.3
Being Safe at Home 3.2
Orange Juice Before the Store 3.7
Being Safe in Your Neighborhood 3.2
Being Safe at School 3.1
Blue Jeans Before the Store 3.7
Footballs Before the Store 3.8
Peanut Butter Before the Store 3.8
The Thrilling Sources of Push the Envelope and Other Idioms
The Bizarre Origins of Kangaroo Court and Other Idioms
The Compelling Histories of Long Arm of the Law and Other Idioms
The Peculiar Stories Behind Raining Cats and Dogs and Other Idioms
Being Safe on Wheels 3.1
Ice Cream Before the Store 3.7
Pencils Before the Store 4.0
Bread Before the Store 3.7
Prefixes and Suffixes
Being Safe with Technology 3.7
Soda Pop Before the Store 4.2
Toilet Paper Before the Store 3.8