"Thank you for giving out a free book at CSLA conference. :-) The students love the Machines at Work books. Keep up the good work!"
—Jackie Johnson, Foresthill Union School Dist

Mernie Gallagher-Cole

Mernie Gallagher-Cole is a children's book illustrator living in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She loves drawing every day. Her illustrations can also be found on greeting cards, puzzles, e-books, and educational apps.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Animal Jokes
Super Exclamation Point Saves the Day! 2.7
Rev Up Your Writing in Procedural Texts
Weird-but-True Facts about U.S. History 5.7
You're Clean as a Whistle! (And Other Silly Sayings) 3.2
Dia de los Muertos 3.6 N/A
Weird-but-True Facts about U.S. Presidents 4.7
Rev Up Your Writing in Informational Texts
Doctor Jokes
Mother's Day Crafts
Halloween Crafts
Super Colon Saves the Day! 3.2
Super Apostrophe Saves the Day! 2.7
Dinosaur Jokes N/A
Weird-but-True Facts about the Human Body 5.0
Rev Up Your Writing in Opinion Pieces
Birthday Crafts
I'm All Thumbs! (And Other Odd Things We Say) 3.4
Messy Molly N/A
Break a Leg! (And Other Odd Things We Say) 3.2
Sports Jokes
Mousekin's Special Day: A Book about Special Days 1.9
What Can We Play Today? A Book about Community Helpers 1.8
Weird-but-True Facts about Scary Things 5.3
Food Jokes
It's as Clear as a Bell! (And Other Curious Things We Say) 3.4 N/A
Space Jokes
You Let the Cat Out of the Bag! (And Other Crazy Animal Sayings) 3.3
Rev Up Your Writing in Blogs
Super Quotation Marks Saves the Day! 3.3
Rev Up Your Writing in Letters and E-mails
Easter Crafts
It's a Long Shot! (And Other Strange Sayings) 3.4
Weird-but-True Facts about Gross Things 5.2
St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Weird-but-True Facts about Weather 5.0
Thanksgiving Crafts
Christmas Crafts
What Do You Do With a Grumpy Kangaroo? A Book about Feelings 1.7
Holiday Jokes
Ack! There's a Bug in My Ear! (And Other Sayings That Just Aren't True) 3.1
Rev Up Your Writing in Nonfiction Narratives
Super Period Saves the Day! 3.2
What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way? A Book about Manners 1.9
Rev Up Your Writing in Fictional Stories
Hold Your Horses! (And Other Peculiar Sayings) 3.3
Super Question Mark Saves the Day! 2.9
I'm Tickled Pink! (And Other Peculiar Sayings) 3.3 N/A
Valentine's Day Crafts
That's the Last Straw! (And Other Weird Things We Say) 3.6
Go Fly a Kite! (And Other Sayings We Don't Really Mean) 3.2
Super Comma Saves the Day! 2.7
Super Parentheses Saves the Day! 3.2
Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth! (And Other Weird Sayings) 3.6