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—Harriet Goldsmith, Livingston Public Library

Cecilia Minden

Cecilia Minden, PhD, is the former director of the Language and Literacy Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is now a reading consultant for school and library publications. She earned her PhD in reading education from the University of Virginia. Cecilia and her husband Dave Cupp live outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They enjoy sharing their love of reading with their grandchildren, Chelsea and Qadir.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Auto Mechanics 3.9
Coaches 4.2
Dentists 3.7
Electricians 3.9
Firefighters 3.8
Letter Carriers 4.3
Nurses 3.8
Pilots 4.0
Restaurant Owners 4.5
Teachers 3.9
Television Reporters 3.9
Veterinarians 4.1
Mom's Birthday Surprise 1.2
The Drawing Lesson
The Halloween Costume Contest 1.4
The Thanksgiving Play 1.4
Valentines for Everyone 1.4
Postcards from All Over 2.2
Smile for the Dentist 2.1
The Best Cookies of All 2.1
A Tree for the City 2.7
A Walk Across Town 2.4
Recycling at Grandpa's Store 2.5
Sharing the Green Ball 1.1
The Yellow Kite Flies High 1.1
Wishing for a Red Balloon 1.1
Cleaning Up 1.6
Raising Your Hand 1.2
Saying 'Thank You' 1.4
Skateboarding Friends 1.5
The Big Race 1.4
The Winning Basket 1.5
A Spider in the Race Car! 2.2
The Runaway Train 2.0
The Tractor Saves the Day 2.0
The Most Unbelievable First Day of School: A Storytime Book 3.3