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JT Morrow

JT Morrow has been an illustrator for over twenty years and has won several awards. He specializes in creating parodies and imitations of the old and modern masters. Mr. Morrow lives just south of San Francisco with his wife and daughter.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Constellation Cassiopeia: The Story of the Queen 4.1
Pablo Picasso 4.1
The Constellation Draco: The Story of the Dragon 4.2
The Constellation Orion: The Story of the Hunter 4.1
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow: A Japanese Folktale 4.0
Mary Cassatt 4.0
The Constellation Taurus: The Story of the Bull 4.4
Claude Monet 4.3
The Constellation Scorpius: The Story of the Scorpion 4.3
Leonardo da Vinci 4.3
Rembrandt 4.4
Issun Boshi (One-Inch Boy): A Japanese Folktale 3.2
The Constellation Hercules: The Story of the Hero 4.1
The Constellation Ursa Minor: The Story of the Little Bear 4.0
Michelangelo 4.1
The Constellation Ursa Major: The Story of the Big Bear 3.8
Vincent van Gogh 4.1
Edgar Degas 4.2