"Customer service was extremely nice when I called about needing to return some books."
—Toni Reese, Sump Memorial Library

Jody Jensen Shaffer

Jody Jensen Shaffer is the author of 24 books of fiction and nonfiction for children. She also publishes poetry, stories, and articles in children's magazines. When she's not writing, Shaffer copy edits for children's publishers. She works from her home in Missouri. Visit Shaffer at http://jodyjensenshaffer.blogspot.com.

Recent Products

Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Trail: The Sound of AI NEW 0.8
Let's Play!: The Sound of AY NEW
Jean Can Teach: The Sound of EA NEW 0.9
Three Bees: The Sound of EE NEW 0.6
Spies and Pies: The Sound of IE NEW 1.1
Coach Floats: The Sound of OA NEW 1.0
On the Hunt with Hyenas 3.7
Black-Footed Ferrets 4.2
Ninja Warriors 4.6
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 4.2
Lea Michele 4.0
Taylor Lautner 4.4

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