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Arnold Ringstad

Arnold Ringstad is the author of more than 30 books for kids. He loves reading and writing about space exploration. He lives in Minnesota.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Intriguing Sources of Hold Your Horses and Other Idioms
Weird-but-True Facts about Science 5.5
Weird-but-True Facts about U.S. History 5.7
The Building of the Hoover Dam 5.0
The Constellation Orion: The Story of the Hunter 4.1
Weird-but-True Facts about U.S. Presidents 4.7
True Stories of Animal Antics 3.6
What's Inside a Digital Camera? NEW Pending
Weird-but-True Facts about Sports 5.1
What's Inside a Radio? NEW Pending
True Stories of Animal Tricks and Talents 4.0
The Over-the-Top Histories of Chew the Scenery and Other Idioms
Fishing 3.9
What's Inside a Computer Mouse? NEW Pending
Kayaking 4.0
Weird-but-True Facts about the U.S. Military 5.9
The Shocking Stories Behind Lightning in a Bottle and Other Idioms
Underground Habitats 3.7
The International Space Station 4.6
The Unbelievable Origins of Snake Oil and Other Idioms
The Constellation Taurus: The Story of the Bull 4.4
What's Inside a Drone? NEW Pending
What's Inside a VCR? NEW Pending
The Plant Life Cycle NEW 3.8
Biking 3.3
The Constellation Scorpius: The Story of the Scorpion 4.3
True Stories of Animal Friends 3.6
Sewer Inspector 3.8
Desert Habitats 3.9
The Building of the Golden Gate Bridge 5.1
Space Missions of the 21st Century 4.5
What's Inside a Toaster? NEW Pending
True Stories of Animal Oddities 3.8
What's Inside a Remote Control? NEW Pending
Rain Forest Habitats 3.7
The Thrilling Sources of Push the Envelope and Other Idioms
What's Inside a Remote-Controlled Car? NEW Pending
The Bizarre Origins of Kangaroo Court and Other Idioms
The Compelling Histories of Long Arm of the Law and Other Idioms
The Cycle of Photosynthesis NEW 4.5
The Peculiar Stories Behind Raining Cats and Dogs and Other Idioms
True Stories of Animals at Work 3.9
Hunting 3.9
The Voyager Space Probes 4.5
Portable Toilet Cleaner 3.7
What's Inside a Keyboard? NEW Pending
Weird-but-True Facts about Inventions 5.2
What's Inside Headphones? NEW Pending
What's Inside a DVD Player? NEW Pending
True Stories of Animal Heroes 3.9
Garbage Collector 3.3
Forest Habitats 3.7
What's Inside a Clock? NEW Pending