"The kids enjoy these books very much. Thank you for the speedy delivery!"
—Sue Meyers, Pekin Public Library

Ann Malaspina

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St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Take a Closer Look at Your Bones 3.7
Feraj and the Magic Lute: An Arabian Folktale 4.0
Guinea Fowl and Rabbit Get Justice: An African Folktale 3.8
Jack and the Beanstalk: An English Folktale 3.5
The Hunting of the Great Bear: A Native American Folktale 4.0
The Mouse and the Wizard: A Hindu Folktale 3.9
The People Could Fly: An African-American Folktale 3.8
New Year Traditions around the World 3.8
Tooth Traditions around the World 3.7

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