"I was really pleased to get my orders so quick!"
—Lisa Mulvenna, Clinton - Macomb Public Library - North

Charnan Simon

Charnan Simon has a BA in English literature from Carleton College and an MA in English literature from the University of Chicago. She has been an editor at both Cricket and Click magazines and has written more than 50 books for young readers. Ms. Simon lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband Tom, their daughters, Ariel and Hana, Sam the dog, and Lily and Luna the cats.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Dentists 2.9
Jupiter 5.8 N/A
Big Bad Buzz N/A
The Best Vet in the World N/A
Saturn 5.4 N/A
Veterinarians 2.8
Officers Everywhere! N/A
Lewis the Librarian N/A
Plumbers 2.6
The Sacred Ganges 5.9
Librarians 2.9
Messy Molly N/A
What Makes You Happy? N/A
A Greedy Little Pig N/A
Rachel Carson: Author and Environmentalist 6.2
The Noble Yangtze 5.5
The Mysterious Amazon 5.8
The Mighty Mississippi 5.6
Uncle Jack Is a Carpenter N/A
Jeremy Jones, Clumsy Guy N/A
Firefighter Tom to the Rescue! N/A
The Secrets of the Nile 5.8
Police Officers 3.5
My Mother Is a Doctor N/A
Teachers 2.6
Venus 5.5 N/A
The Sillies N/A
The Ancient Euphrates 5.9