"Thank you for your promptness in sending the replacement copies. You were very helpful and I appreciate dealing with you."
—Nadine Lahan-Nevins Memorial Library, Nevins Memorial Library

Kara L. Laughlin

Kara L. Laughlin is an artist and writer who lives in Virginia with her husband, three kids, two guinea pigs, and a dog. She is the author of two dozen nonfiction books for kids.

Recent Products

Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Tulsa Race Massacre NEW Pending
What Is a Pandemic? NEW 4.2
How Has COVID-19 Changed Our World? NEW 3.8
Moe's Oboe: The Sound of OE 0.7
Join the Noise: The Sound of OI 0.7
Hoot, Moo, Coo: The Sound of OO 0.7
Get Out, Mouse!: The Sound of OU 0.6
Let's Look at Blue!: The Sound of UE 0.9
Fruit Juice: The Sound of UI 0.7
Guitars 3.2
Recorders 3.2
Capture the Flag 2.6

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