"Our easy profile was not followed according to specs. There was a J E rather than just E. I called to alert Child's World, and I was offered a free book which was totally not expected but graciously accepted."
—Callie Irons/Robey Memorial Library, Robey Public Library

Yvonne Pearson

Yvonne Pearson is a writer and a social worker. She has published books and magazine stories. She writes essays and poems, too. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also lives in California near her grandchildren part of each year. Her Web site is www.yvonnepearson.com.

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Smelly, Stinky Skunk: Teaching Adjectives
The Chilean Miners: Buried Alive 4.9
Rev Up Your Writing in Fictional Stories
Concrete Poems 4.0
Prose Poems 4.0
Limericks 3.7
Narrative Poems 4.1

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