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—Patricia Cave, Ap Edwins Elem School

Kristen Pope

Kristen Pope is a writer and editor with years of experience working in national and state parks and museums. She has a master's degree in natural resources and has taught people of all ages about science and the environment. She has even coaxed reluctant insect-lovers to pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Visit her online at www.kepope.com.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Fennec Foxes 4.0
On the Hunt with Crocodiles 3.8
Chimpanzees 4.0
Salamanders 4.4
Black Rhinos 4.2
On the Hunt with African Lions 3.5
On the Hunt with Great White Sharks 3.6
On the Hunt with Black Mambas 3.7
On the Hunt with Komodo Dragons 4.1
What Is the Difference between Clouds and Fog? 3.0