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—Kay Stine, Huntington City - Twp Public Library

Patricia Hutchison

A former teacher, Patricia Hutchison is a lover of nature. Since leaving the classroom, she has written several books and articles about science. When she is not writing, she loves to travel with her husband. While visiting different places, she is always amazed at the wonders of nature.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Race to Space NEW 5.3
Central American Immigrants: In Their Shoes 5.2
Barbara Bush: Literacy Champion 4.8
Somali Immigrants: In Their Shoes 5.1
The Invention of the Airplane 4.7
Exploring Beyond Our Solar System 4.5
The First Moon Landing 4.2
The Mars Rovers 4.4
Blue Whales 4.0
Sea Otters 3.9
Snow Leopards 4.0