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Kerry Dinmont

Kerry Dinmont is a children's book author who enjoys art and nature. She lives in Montana with her two Norwegian elkhounds.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Lonely NEW
Maria's Magic Magnet: A Book about Magnets 1.5
Angry NEW
A Number Scavenger Hunt
Abby Flies a Kite: A Book about Wind 0.9
Max Plants a Seed: A Book about the Life Cycle of a Sunflower 1.3
Lee Paints a Picture: A Book about Colors 1.4
A Pattern Scavenger Hunt
Afraid NEW
Alex Eats the Rainbow: A Book about Healthy Eating 1.7
Jealous NEW
David's New Bike: A Book about Being Active 1.1
Amanda's Fire Drill: A Book about Fire Safety 1.6
Dan's First Day of School: A Book about Emotions 0.9
Clara Is Left Out: A Book about Bullying and Kindness 1.2
Peter's Bus Ride: A Book about Bus Safety 1.2
Abe Builds a Birdhouse: A Book about Animal Homes 1.2
A Shape Scavenger Hunt
Happy NEW
Tom's Telescope: A Book about the Moon and the Sun 1.1
Nora's Busy Year: A Book about the Four Seasons 1.0
Kate Finds a Caterpillar: A Book about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly 1.6
Emily Goes to the Park: A Book about Healthy Habits 1.3
Pearl's New Tooth: A Book about Caring for Your Teeth 1.7