"Salespersons (Jan and Tuck Long) are excellent. They know their stock and are wonderfully nice."
—Joni Melnick, Blairsville Public Library

Alyssa Krekelberg

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
We Need Each Other: Being a Good Friend NEW Pending
Stop and Think: Learning about Self-Discipline NEW Pending
Helping Friends and Family: Taking Care of Others NEW Pending
Doing the Right Thing: Making Responsible Decisions NEW Pending
Finding Solutions: Problem Solving NEW Pending
Know Your Feelings: Recognizing Emotions NEW Pending
Worrying Too Much: Learning How to Manage Stress NEW Pending
When Things Get Tough: Overcoming Obstacles NEW Pending
We Work Together: Learning about Teamwork NEW Pending
No One Is the Same: Appreciating Differences NEW Pending
Setting Boundaries: Learning about Healthy Relationships NEW Pending
Let's Get Along: Resolving Conflict NEW Pending

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