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—Joan Ritnauer/Highwood Public Library, Highwood Public Library

Meg Gaertner

Meg Gaertner is a children's book author and editor who lives in Minnesota. When not writing, she enjoys dancing and spending time outdoors.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Disappointed NEW
Building a Snowman NEW Pending
Planting a Garden NEW Pending
Kim Takes a Trip: A Book about Transportation 1.2
Making Cookies NEW Pending
Water Fireworks Kitchen Experiment
Super Bouncy Ball Kitchen Experiment
Volcano Kitchen Experiment
Henry Goes to School: A Book about School Community 1.5
Invisible Message Kitchen Experiment
Slime Kitchen Experiment
Carving a Jack-o'-Lantern NEW Pending
Bored NEW
Miles's Birthday Week: A Book about the Days of the Week 1.3
Making a Valentine NEW Pending
Cave Crystals Kitchen Experiment
Making Lemonade NEW Pending
Mark Gives Back: A Book about Citizenship 2.1
Making a Book NEW Pending
Disgusted NEW
Jade's Trip around Town: A Book about Community Helpers 1.7
Ruth's Family Reunion: A Book about Families 1.5
Rubber Egg Kitchen Experiment
Ice Cream Kitchen Experiment
Building with Blocks NEW Pending