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Darlene R. Stille

Darlene R. Stille is a science writer. She has lived in Chicago, Illinois, all her life. When she was in high school, she fell in love with science. While attending the University of Illinois she discovered that she also loved writing. She was fortunate to find a career that allowed her to combine both her interests. Darlene Stille has written more than 60 books for young people.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Matter and Material 4.8 N/A
Changing Habits, Living Green 4.8
Light 4.9 N/A
Neptune 5.0 N/A
Motion 4.5 N/A
Pluto 5.4 N/A
Solids, Liquids, and Gases 4.5 N/A
Uranus 4.9 N/A
The Sun 5.5 N/A
Earth 5.2 N/A
Mercury 5.4 N/A
Energy 5.1 N/A
Magnetism 5.0 N/A
Mars 5.2 N/A
Electricity 5.6 N/A
Good Food, Good for Earth 4.9
Protecting Animals 4.8
Protecting Land 4.8