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School Library Journal (Mary M. Hopf, Los Angeles Public Library)

Two attractive and inviting series entries that feature large, clear, full-color photographs. Police Officers provides a picture of what happens in the community and at the police station. Officers are shown responding to different situations-an accident, a lost dog, a missing child, and more. Different means of police transportation are depicted. Doctors are depicted treating children of all ages. Most photos contain a piece of equipment a physician might use in a routine visit. The book is a good supplement to Harlow Rockwell’s My Doctor (Aladdin, 1992). Both titles have very simple texts that include various sound effects (the ‘Clop! Clop!’ of a police horse, the ‘EEEOH!’ of a siren, and the ‘Achoo-achoo! Cough-Cough! Sniffle-Sniffle’ of sick patients). A page of questions and answers pertaining to the training and education needed for these professions follows the initial information.

—Mary M. Hopf, Los Angeles Public Library

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