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School Library Journal (Beth Wright, Edythe Dyer Community Library, Hampden, ME )

In each of these volumes, the goofy Professor Snickerdoodle helps a young friend perform a series of simple science ‘tricks.’ Clearly illustrated instructions show how to perform each one, and ‘how it works’ sections using a minimum of scientific terminology explain the property of air or light demonstrated by each activity. The format is reminiscent of the ‘Magic School bus’ series (Scholastic) in that an amusing narrative ties the activities together, while parenthetical information is delivered through illustrations that look like pages from the professor’s notebook. However, the science is presented in less detail than in those books, and the humor here is less successful. In depth explanations are not included for adult readers, and there are no suggestions for further reading. However, the cartoon illustrations, simple language, and small size (four tricks in Light Science, six in Air Science) will provide young children with a nonthreatening introduction to scientific experimentation.

—Beth Wright, Edythe Dyer Community Library, Hampden, ME

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