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School Library Journal (Megan McGuire)

A well-designed book that covers King’s life from his childhood to his death and the prevailing sociopolitical issues of the era that helped shape his views. Readers will learn about the man’s early influences, education, marriage, position as a civil rights leader, and his assassination in 1968. Jim Crow Laws, the meaning if civil disobedience, and Rosa Parks’s role in bringing civil rights violations into the public eye are seamlessly interwoven into the narrative. Thought-provoking questions at the end will help children extend their understanding of King’s ideals. Attractive watercolor illustrations that utilize white space effectively are well integrated into the book, both physically and contextually. This title is almost identical in content to Carol Greene’s Martin Luther King Jr. (Children’s, 1989), which has larger print, a somewhat more controlled vocabulary, and photographs. Content being equal, the choice is an aesthetic one.

—Megan McGuire

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