Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of New Sound Box Books from Midwest Book Review on January 1, 1994

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Alphabet Books, where children from kindergarten to second grade will enjoy the show as individual letters come center stage and become ‘stars’ in their own playlets. Each book ‘stars’ two different letters who perform a scenario, while inviting other letters to play along. As the vowels join together with various consonants, they build familiar three-and-four-letter words that combine to form a fun-to-read story. This delightful series is sure to win rave reviews in the classroom and are ideal for home schooling programs. The artwork is highly colorful and the text is easy-to-read in large print, thus helping children see and understand the magical relationship between letters and words. The five book series consists of Play with ‘a’ and ‘t’; Play with ‘e ’ and ’d’; Play with ‘i’ and ‘g’; Play with ‘o’ and ‘g’; and Play with ‘u’ and ‘g’.

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