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‘The Sound Box Library’ series from the 1970s has been given a new face, thanks to King’s energetic artwork. In each book, a child named after the appropriate letter (‘Little c,’ ‘Little d,’ etc.) looks for items that begin with that letter of the alphabet to collect in their sound box. This clever set-up enables Moncure to introduce a wide variety of objects in each story, and offers a familiar touch as readers advance through the alphabet. In My ‘d’ Sound Box, however, one example seems to be overextending its audience. Little d, who has previously been focusing on her dolls, winds up in the desert, looking at a dromedary. Since the camel is also found on a drive in the desert in My ‘c’ Sound Box, its inclusion in the ‘d’ story raises the potential for confusion. Overall, however, this is a serviceable series that integrates story and phonetics reasonably well.

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