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A noteworthy review of Nonfiction Readers: Level 1 from School Library Journal on February 1, 2002

Featuring large type, short sentences (one per page), and an uncrowded format, these books are inviting to emerging readers. Dancers offers simple information about this popular childhood pastime, including ‘A dancer must practice many hours every day’ and ‘Dancers wear clothes that hug their bodies.’ Farmers states that, ‘A farmer gets up early in the morning’ and then moves through the day, featuring such activities as milking, feeding pigs, and driving big machines, ending with, ‘It has been a busy day, I want to be a farmer!’ The texts are clear and interesting, and children will be drawn to the full-page, quality color photographs. The books also include word lists and notes to parents and educators emphasizing the importance of providing beginning readers with books of information.

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