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A noteworthy review of A Proud Heritage: The Hispanic Library from Booklist on November 15, 2003

Part of the eight-volume series A Proud Heritage: The Hispanic Library, these two volumes introduce subjects of some controversy, the building of the California missions by Father Junipero Serra and the causes and effects of the Mexican War. Both these compact books offer primarily straightforward recitation of the facts. At first it appears Bowler isn’t going to mention the Native Americans’ point of view, but she does, on one page, explaining that most of the history comes from the missionaries’ perspective and outlining the drastic changes that the Indians endured and the many deaths that ensued. In Mexican War, Cantor offers the U.S. justification; discusses how the war was fought; introduces the pertinent characters, such as Santa Anna; and presents an evenhanded view of both sides of the argument. Both books have black-and-white and color photographs, a time line, a glossary, and a list of books and Web sites.

—Ilene Cooper

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