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A noteworthy review of Nonfiction Readers: Level 3 from Children's Literature on January 1, 2002

Paul Revere and his midnight ride have become a legendary event in American history. Lost in the poetic memory is the fact that Paul Revere was a living, breathing person. A silversmith by trade, Paul Revere was called upon at age eighteen to support his mother and five siblings after his father’s death. An advocate for religious and political freedom, Paul Revere joined a group known as the Sons of Liberty. He opposed the increasingly controlling nature of King George III’s policies toward the American Colonies. Eventually Paul took part in the Boston Tea Party as well as chronicling the Boston Massacre through his artwork. In the end, Paul Revere was called upon to ride across the countryside to warn colonists about the arrival of British soldiers. In this illustrated book, younger readers will meet this imposing Revolutionary War figure. Through a concise text and period illustrations, Revere’s early life as well as his crowning moment are described in an introductory manner. This is a book that will appeal to elementary students interested in the American saga.

—Greg M. Romaneck

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